Number 1

29 02 2012

On this blog of mine, you the readers/responders can talk about anything you wish (within reason). I might not be the wisest of people of the most knowledgeable, but hey, there will always be someone out there smarter then you.

My first rant though, is about parents. I love mine dearly and they have influenced me no end into becoming the person who I am today, but there are a few things about them that get under my skin. The most important right now being their (particularly my dad) belief in me. When we are growing up as kids, are we not told to never give up on our dreams? That nothing is impossible if we stick to it? I know I was. Now at a humble age old enough to be in uni (which I am), I find myself in a bit of bother. I want to do journalism, but at the end of my HSC, I didn’t have the required ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rating), even though my average mark was over 75%. Anyway, I get an offer to go to Shoalhaven and study there possibly getting my foot in the door that way. I do that. I apply for a transfer to Journalism knowing that I have met the requirements. I don’t make it, but have it suggested to me that I should try for Media and Communications as it is less popular and if I succeed at that, I can jump straight into second year Journalism.

All the while, my dad is questioning my motives. Do I really want to do Journalism? Of course I do, other wise I would be trying anymore. Why don’t I take up a trade? I have no such interest, as well as being one of the most impractical men in the world (I once cut myself on a lid of an orange juice bottle. The lid was made of plastic.)

At one stage it appears bleak and that I might have to look at going to TAFE. I did quite well at a few health related courses in my HSC. So when I tell him that am considering such a move, he questions that too. I can’t seem to win. He never appears happy with me. He is a very practical man, I am not. He is a very strong person, I’m nowhere near as strong as him (admittedly I don’t go to the gym like he does though). But haven’t times changed since he grew up? That’s what we keep getting told by all different types of surveys.

Am I wrong to feel a little annoyed at my dad? Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? If so, how did you cope with it?




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