Better Late Than Never

5 03 2012

Hello again. Upon re-reading this weeks reading, I have decided that maybe I should have a better opening blog about myself to show that I have nothing to hide.

There is a reason that I have not done this earlier: I don’t like talking about myself, which is why I usually let my Facebook profile talk for me. That is the best way, isn’t it? You can see all the movies I like, all the music I listen to, all the sporting teams I follow, and all the groups I am a part of. You can also see all the conversations I have been a part of and learn more from me that way (if you so choose).

I am two decades old, and my tastes in music are even older. I am not much of a movie fan and really couldn’t care less for them. If I have my music I am happy. Hell, I don’t even have my own t.v. So if you have seen any movies lately and wish to discuss them with some one, don’t look at me.

My favourite types of bands are older Australian bands. The reason for this is that they have a truly unique sound that, I believe anyway, can not be captured from other artist.

I don’t play any sports, I used to play basketball, but I do follow a handful of teams. The foremost being the Cronulla Sharks (feel free to ridicule me, I am used to it). I also enjoy watching cricket, motorsports and the occasional AFL game. I am not the most co-ordinated person you will meet, but I am willing to make an fool of myself in the name of enjoyment (ask those who have seen me try to skate. It’s a riot. Apparently).

My aim is to be a journalist by the end of all this, although if you had asked me when I was in primary school, I would have said Basketball player (as I did in an interview for the Illawarra Mercury).

I hope this has clarified me a bit, if not, this has been a waste of my and your time.

It is at this stage that I should probably give a mention to the platform that I am wishing to research for my BCM class. I would like to do YouTube. It is similar to the much popular (well I’m guessing it is) Facebook. Except that you don’t have a display picture. And anyone can further comment on your comment. And all you do is view videos. If you look at it that way, you can very much see the similarities between the two platforms.




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7 06 2012
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