Pressing Issues : Ratings

7 03 2012

There has been much talk about whether or not the government should or should not bring in a R18+’ rating classification for movies, video games and possibly even material on the internet.
I am a strong believer that they should. But then, I am a sceptic too.
If parents are really conscious of what their children watch, the MA15+ classification will suffice. On the flip side, if parents are blasé about the viewing habits of their children, no matter how severe the rating is, they will allow their children to view the material.
There is a way of keeping children from watching inappropriate material though, but it is very complex, which is why I doubt that such a system will ever be adapted.
Given the development of the world nowadays, we all have a birth certificate to prove who we are. On that birth certificate, there is a number. This number is unique to our certificate. So here is what I propose: when entering a site that is deemed inappropriate to minors, they can’t just claim that they are 18, like on some sites such as Facebook, but they enter their name and their birth certificate number. This will then link to government sites to justify that the name matches the number and thus, their age.
To proceed one must enter both name and number. This rules out people trying to fake who they actually are by putting in the number of a person that they know to be old enough.
To make sure there isn’t a clash of identities across states, or even countries, one will have to select which country they are from, i.e. Australia, and then which state or territory, i.e. Victoria.
This will be easy to use on internet material, but on D.V.D.’s and music C.D.s (I have seen a few that have warnings on them in my time), the task is a little harder.
This is how I propose they control the viewing habits of young children in our society, and indeed the world.
(Oh, you want an explanation of how they can get around this? I haven’t got one yet……..)




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