Blockbusting, this isn’t.

14 03 2012

So, this week’s reading for BCM112 was all about ‘Blockbusters’.

The major point that leap out and imprinted itself on my memory, was the fact that producers had come to an agreement not to release their big products at the same time. This makes perfect sense seeing as they are essentially selling the exact same product. Yes they are going head to head and want to be better than each other, but if they release both their ‘big guns’ at the same time, who is really going to want and go see the other movie if it got poor rating by critics and peers alike? Because unlike the ‘Battle for the West’ (AFL and NRL) at the moment, both film producers can gain for releasing their films at different times, where in sporting circles, only the one team can really gain.

Another point of interest for me was the fact that films used to be released solely in the major theatres first and then gradually made their way to small towns. To a certain extent, this is still present in society today. I remember once going to see the third instalment of the Harry Potter franchise with my Grandfather, who lives down in Sussex Inlet, about a month or so after I had seen it at the cinemas up here in Wollongong. He was really keen on going to see it, and I asked him why he hadn’t seen it earlier, to which he replied, ‘It only came out last week’. Whether or not this still goes on, I don’t know, as I haven’t seen a movie with my Grandparents in a long time, and I’ve kind of lost interest in most movies nowadays any.

It was intriguing to find out that the term ‘Blockbuster’ also came about because film companies had slashed the number of films they produced each year by about half, and with the main emphasis being on one film inparticular.




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