G: for general consumption

19 03 2012

So, video games will be subjected to tougher ratings classifications in the future than movies. Fair enough if you ask me.

In a movie, all the themes are enacted only a couple of times and then the film is over. In games however, themes of violence and indecency may be repeated a number of times depending on how much content is within said game, or how many different ‘missions’ this game may involve the player to undertake. Not only may the themes return at different stages throughout the game, they may also intensify and become more distressing as the player progresses.

I still stand by what I have said previously though. That is, if parents are concerned by the viewing/playing habits of their children already, then they already have a tight grip on what their children see.

The change of system and the introduction of an ‘R 18+’ rating is a bit late if you ask me. I don’t think much will change. Why? Because parents these days are soft.

Listening to stories that my sister brings home from school (and she is still only in junior high), many of her friends put up a fight to their parents over commodities that they want. The parents initially take a tough stance on the child, but eventually the child sticks with it, because they know the parents will fold eventually, and they do. And the same thing will happen with movies and video game. If not, the child will sneak off somewhere where they know they will get to see/play it.

So for all intensive purposes, what the government is trying to do is a good thing. In reality though, it’s all too little, too late.




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