‘i’N The Future

19 03 2012

So, it appears from what was said, that Apple only wants us to use their iPhone the way that they intended, as they have ‘locked’ applications and users have to seek permission to upload certain apps to change the way the phone works.

Over on an Android thought, which is owned by Google, owners have a lot more freedom to control the functionality of the phone.

Steve Jobs, at the launch of the iPhone, said that ‘the iPhone is more like an iPod than a computer’. I can totally relate to Apple and the way that they have restrictions on iPhones and limit what their owners can do with them.

In the marketing world today, you want to be able to make as much money as you can, so why cut corners? Right? It would appear then, that this is the strategy that Apple has taken. If you want something that is more than just a simple iPhone, than go and but that thing that you are wanting, because chances are, it will do much better as it was designed with that purpose in mind.

Who knows, Apple might have a whole production scheme of other ‘i’ things planned for the future, which is why they don’t want us using the one product multiple ways; because they want us to have a house full of ‘i’tems in the coming years.



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