1000 words x a population

27 03 2012

Is civilian journalism a good thing? Well, yes and no.

The reason that is good, is that it offers a different perspective to that of what the major newspapers and television companies would show us. While they do interview people on the streets to try and make it more communicative to, and have a deeper meaning for the greater population, they still work for corporations that have standards and expectations, so they can only show certain content that sides with what the companies want.

This is why civilian journalism is good. We all can put our opinion out there, and with the low cost of entry  on the internet, anyone with even a slight passion for their views and has the belief that aren’t the only ones out there that hold a particular view , can try and get their message across. The rest is out of their hands. Others then have to do the work and find and agree with, or differ too, for the author to have some success. If enough people agree with the views that are put forward by this one person, change could even happen.

Reasons as to why civilian journalism is bad are evident in cases such as that of the London bombings in 2005. While it affected a lot of people, once people started to have conversations at length, it all became too much. I agree that if I or someone I knew were in such a situation, I would be frightened and probably try to get in touch with them too, but the last thing on my mind would be to have a conversation with them. Let them call the emergency services for crying out loud!  Once you know they are safe, let them get the help that they might need. Because of all the texting and calls taking place, the police had to shut down the O2 network to the public so as they and other emergency services could still keep in touch with each other.

In situations like this, the best type of civilian journalism is purely photographic, because as they say, pictures say 1000 words. Not only that, television crews will be on the scene pretty soon and they will probably interview as many people as possible.

So, if another major event takes place, photos are the best for of journalism as they are able to be elaborated upon where words that are set in a certain pretext are not.



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30 04 2012
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