Parental Lock

5 04 2012

I wrote the other week how the best way to protect young children from viewing inappropriate material was to implement a system where by one enters the details of their birth certificate and it goes from there. I hadn’t come up with an idea as to how to apply it to TV and/or music. I still haven’t figured out how to apply it to music yet, but the answer for TV has been under my nose the whole time.

It is now compulsory for all new model TV to have a feature called parental lock. This is a feature that allows parents and guardian to select a classification level that they wish for their children not to see. When a program comes on that has been blocked, the only way to view the program is to enter the correct PIN number. There is only one minor flaw to this system, and that is that some news and sports programs are exempt from classification so will not be blocked by the system. It may also not take place on DVDs or recorded programs, so one must be aware of that.

This is a great system. Why? Because it’s true that we can’t control children and their curious nature all of the time and them watching TV is a classic example of this. We think that they might be happy watching the cartoons or early learning programs design specifically for them, but if we leave the remote within their grasp, who know what buttons they could press, and what channels they could end up on. So this is an added piece of mind that allows us to know that we can leave a room for a split second and not come back to find a fight scene on the screen.




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