‘iSpy’ with my electronic eye…

18 04 2012

So there is a new service provided by BigPond to help keep young children safe on the internet. It’s kind of like the ‘Parental Lock’ that I wrote about a few weeks back. It’s called ‘iSpy’. It is a wonderful idea.

I know in the past that I have been critical of the ratings and classifications system saying that it won’t do much, so you are probably expecting the same here. Wrong.

I think that this might be used by more parents than the ‘Parental Lock’, and the reasons are simple.

If you watch a movie or television program that is rated MA or R or whatever else, the only harm that can be done is to that of the viewer if they psychological problems. However, if one enters a risqué website, the problems go deeper. We are always being warned of the dangers of the internet. So who knows who could be watching you online. There is also the small matter of viruses. They are bad enough when we contract them in the real world, but in the on-line world, they are just as bad. Slowing down your computer, spamming you with junk mail and adverts every time you go on the internet, stealing personal information from you and using it for gosh knows what. These are just some of the things that can happen on the computer that can’t on the humble television set.

So I think a lot more parents will look into a service like this compared to the ‘Parental Lock’. I know I certainly would.

PLEASE NOTE: I must apologise about the hyperlink I have provided for you. Upon posting this blog and then checking that the link worked (not the other way around), I realised that the page was not what I found and linked to. However, if you are interested in tracking the webpage, head to ‘Google’, click the ‘news’ tab at the top of the page, type in ‘iSpy’ and the page should be on of the first results. At the time of this being posted, it was the second result ‘We spy with our little mouse’.




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