Mashups Madness

23 04 2012

Mashups. What do I think about them? I think they are for try-hards. Why? Because not everybody is capable of doing everything in life. Not everybody was made to be a song writer or muso, so just accept that.

I used music as an example for a reason; because I am more passionate about music than I am anything else that could be used in a mash. I really, really don’t like musical mashups because they ruin what is an awesome spectacle. I know that I have a very unusual taste in music, but that doesn’t mean I can’t comment on this type of thing, because I can (and I was going to do so either way).

The other day on YouTube, I was watching what I thought to be the video clip for ‘Icehouse’s’ Don’t Believe Anymore”, then BAM, it starts going all techno/dubstep on me. “What is this!”, I cry out in horror. Before closing the page, I notice a comment, I can’t recall the name of the user, and I dare not go back to that page, but they said something along the lines of, “Young kids these days have no appreciation for the music they listen to anymore. They go to their clubs and listen to remixes such as this and claim to like it. But when you pull out the vinyl or tape of the original, they retort ‘what’s this shit?’” Whoever that was, hit the nail on the head.

Another classic example is a mashup of a Johnny Cash song I heard the other day. You ask the youth of today who Johnny Cash is, and I doubt you’d get many who know. If you do get a few positive responses, I bet it’s only because of the movie, ‘Walk the Line’, released about him the other year.

So people ‘produsers’ mashups, stop, please. If you must continue though, keep it to yourself.



 It’s called an iPod for a reason




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