In Reflection…….

9 05 2012

….. I’ll see you again. Approach me, soak me……

Just had to slip in that Church reference. I always think of this song when I hear the words ‘in reflection’.

So I’ve been asked to write a reflection on my time blogging to date. The feature that I am most proud of is some of the titles that I have come up with. This is because some of them are really ambiguous if the associated post remains unread.

‘i’N The Future

This was one of the most enjoyable posts that I wrote. It is one of the shortest post that I have written, but I just remember sitting back and thinking ‘I feel good after that’. I think the reason for that is because it was about a topic that had no effect on me at the time, and still doesn’t, due to my lack of experience with these items. Not only that, my speculations in the post are totally plausible. There is absolutely no reason why Apple can’t come up with these products in the future.

Geeky Jocks

This was an interesting piece for me to write. This is because I can side with jocks and the love of sports. I love the sensation that comes with running as hard and fast as you can. The joy you get for making a scoring play. One of the most memorable moments of my life was scoring a goal, when I played basketball some years ago, in five seconds. Or the time that I made a shot for quarter court to win the game. I can also relate with geeks and why they enjoy games and get engrossed in the gadgets that they do. So this split me because I don’t know if I’m sporty or a nerd.

How Would You Like It?

I may have surprised a few people with what I concluded in this post; citizen journalism can’t work long term. I know that I would like to be a journalist myself, but I don’t understand why people promote citizen journalism. If you want to be a journalist, then do the relevant training. Simple. I also like this one because I came up with a counter argument for people who say that it’s hard to get a job and maintain it nowadays. There are people who want to be journalists, they do the right training, so don’t take their jobs if you haven’t!




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