What’s It Called Again? You Know It! The One With That Guy.

13 06 2012

Having a TV is a luxury. Having a big TV and barely watching it is an insult; so I got rid of it. Not only that, it wasn’t digital ready. As many of you who have read my previous posts would know already, I don’t really care for TV much, but that’s not to say that I don’t watch it. The soccer world cup final only comes round once every four years, and I sure as hell ain’t listening to that on the radio. And State Of Origin is on tonight.

Not tonight radio

The reason that I don’t watch much TV is because not a lot floats my boat these days.

Reality TV? For those who want to be some bodies but can’t achieve it any other way.

Dramas and Soaps? For people who don’t like their own lives and want to feel better about themselves.

Chat shows? For those who suffer social FOMO.

Who Dunn-its? I’m just not smart enough to figure them out (Mum on the other hand…..)

Me: “It’s a clue!”.
Mum: “No it’s not”

For me, movies are just long TV episodes that have all the ads at the start and none during it.

Chick Flicks? The first word says it all really.

Action? Too predictable

“How did you not see that coming?”

Horror? Same (I’m also very queasy when it comes to intentional bloodshed)

Now you know why I don’t like TV. Did I mention that we have way too many ads in Australia? There is one genre that I do enjoy though; no prizes for guessing that it’s comedy.

Every now and then though, a movie (that isn’t comedy) comes along and I actually want to go because I’m that intrigued. The thing is though, I don’t like going on my own. My friends know that I am not the fondest of movies as such (quite often they threaten to tie me to a chair and force me to watch all the classics that I haven’t seen) so they rarely invite me to go see them. Classic example: The Avengers. I was fascinated by this movie from the outset, and I still haven’t seen it, but my interest has waned, so I probably never will see it (unless they do actually tie me up).

Anyway, while at lunch a few weeks back (maybe months now, I forget), I ask who wanted to go and see it. To my surprise, all of them had already seen it already. WTF?! And you didn’t invite me?! Come on!

Absent from this photo: Me

My point here is, this is why people like me don’t see many movies: not a lot catches my fancy, I don’t like being Nigel in public and nobody invites me anywhere. Oh, that and Nguyen is scared of loud noises.

They say it’s always good to end with a bang. Sorry Nguyen.



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