My Little Problem

19 06 2012

Before we get started, yes, that title is also a Church song.

Yesterday when I published my post about the George Bush head prop fiasco in Game Of Thrones, my page messed up beyond that of my immediate knowledge of how to fix. As you can see, I have a nice header picture and title with slogan up the top. On the right hand side, I have navigational essentials such as a ‘search’ bar, an archive and different categories into which I deem my posts to fall. I have all this for your ease of access and manoeuvrability. This is where my problem comes.

Everything is back to where it should be

Yesterday after the immediate posting of ‘What A Prop Up’, things went haywire. This caught me totally off-guard, and if I’m honest scared me quite a lot. Thinking it was just a momentary glitch, I logged out and back in again. When this failed, my anxiety levels went through the roof. I would have taken a screen shot for you, but at the time, I had no intention of writing about this (inspiration comes from the strangest places) so I’ll just tell you about the horrors that bestowed my eyes.

The first thing that I noticed was that all the navigational tools on the right here, were gone. Absolutely vanished. Eventually I found them; after a hell of a long time scrolling down. I reckon I scrolled though at least five posts before I found them. This was a worry in itself, because the five posts that I had just scrolled though were not my five most recent; no, that had vanished too. Even when I hit my very original post ‘Trial Run’, I still hadn’t seen my five most recent posts. Scary stuff.

who doesn’t like a good Simpsons reference?

Scrolling all the way back to the top of the page, my next observation was that all the text had changed.  Either the size had increased, or, more likely, the spacing between the words had grown. So now, instead of being nice and snug inside the white ‘page’, all my posts were stretched right out to the edge of the grey ‘stuff’, and some words were even cut off (!) This made it look scrappy and I winced just a bit.

The bit that scarred me most of all was that I found my previous post ‘Can’t Touch This’. Finding it wasn’t scary, but finding it where I did was though. I’ll give you a few seconds to guess where it was… wrong. It was here on the right where my ‘search’ bar and recent posts menu were meant to be. Yes, the server had tried to jam a whole post in that teeny-tiny space, and I’ll tell you what, it did a damn good job of it.

This was stressful because I had spent gosh-knows-how-many hours just continually tweaking the appearance of my blog and had posted upwards of twenty times, and I feared I had lost all of that. This was sad because I had dedicated entire days doing what I disliked most: sitting in front of a computer screen (maybe I can explain in another post).

This was me but a few short months ago

As a result of stressing out at the prospect of losing everything and potentially having to develop a new blog, I got a headache, and it was quite bad. To add to this, work hasn’t rung in a while, so I began to wonder if I had done something wrong by someone or if the only person in the world I proclaim to hate with every fibre of my being (we have rather a jaded history this person and I, and from what I can deduce, they have tried to get me the sack at least once previously). This then got me thinking about how I came to hate (yes, it’s a strong word, I know) and this made my blood pressure rise and thus, my headache worse.

I haven’t had a headache like this in ages, since about the end of 2010 to be exact (but that’s another story). This was really strange because I’ve had worse things happen to me since then and not even had a headache. So there was nothing left to do except to reach for my little red book.

I couldv’e reached for my green one, but I don’t have an orange one

Now I’m not going to proclaim to be the best example of a Christian man, I don’t go round preaching to others and I haven’t attended church in some time now, but I always pray at night and say grace before dinner. And in times of pain and hurt, be it mental or physical, I always pull out my New Testament Psalms Proverbs bible that was handed to me in Year 7 by the Gideons and read my favourite passage: Matthew 6: 19-34. “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and rust can destroy and thieves can break in and steal; But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy nor thieves break in and steal”. It is longer than that, but this little snippet is basically my reason for being, because I don’t care if I have the latest gizmo. As somebody once said to me ‘count your own blessings, not those of others’.

This made me feel much better about myself because it changed my train of thought. I was now like, ‘well at least I have access to a computer with the net to develop a blog to go wrong in the first place. At least I’ve still got a livelihood beyond next week’. And this is what I tell my friends every time something goes wrong for them. For instance, I might have said “at least you’ve got a smart phone to break the screen with let alone enough time to stress about it.

Consider yourself lucky

So the next time something goes wrong and it involves technology, as was the original source of my headache, just be greatful that you had something to mess you up in the first place.




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