Stilnox Sure Yet

5 07 2012

Athletes competing for the Australian Olympic team in London this year have been banned from taking ‘Stilnox’. ‘Stilnox’, for those of you who don’t know, is basically a sleeping pill: and sleeping pills are for people who struggle to get to sleep.

This banning of the pill has come after revelations that former champion swimmer Grant Hackett admitted that he was addicted to it after being introduced to the pill in 2003. My question is though: was he addicted to the drug or was he addicted to sleeping? Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good old sleep in? Particularly in winter. In fact there is even a scientific term for those who have an addiction to staying in bed, its called clinomania. In my experience, not many people know of this, so it makes for an awesome and plausible excuse as to why you may not have got something done. So next time you procrastinate a bit too long, just remember this.

Stilnox effects: kick in at the worst of times

Back to the issue at hand though, why did professional athletes have to use sleeping pills? Here are people who have a job that is envied by most of the general public. They get paid ridiculously large amounts of money (in developed countries anyway) and don’t have to do any tertiary study to get to where they are, and hundreds of thousands of people still admire their work and they can still acquire the tag of ‘role models’. So they can’t claim that it is through stress that they need it; they are under no more stress than you or I, and they choose to put themselves in the public eye. And they certainly can’t claim that it is because their health isn’t up to scratch; they’re getting paid to be in peak physical condition.

I’d put ‘money, money, money’, but you might then think that I like ABBA. I don’t by the way

I know that to be a professional athlete you have to be well rested, but that doesn’t explain why you need to take sleeping pills. My thoughts on the issue? Well I just think they mustn’t be training hard enough. Think about it; these are people who claim to have a gruelling regime that requires them to get up at an early hour of the morning and work for x many hours, rest and then go again. I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten up at 5 o’clock in the morning and gone for a half hours walks before to get to uni and then not returned home until 5:30 in the evening. After this walk, I never exactly engaged in what you would call strenuous physical exercise, but I was still tired when I got home and I had a wonderful sleep as a result.

I’d suffer clinomania with a bed like this too, you know

So I just think that Hackett was lazy and tried to cover up his clinomania with a pill. But in saying that, because he has got the pill banned, maybe he has done a good thing for society. I don’t know, it’s hard to say where exactly I stand on the issue. Although he was addicted to a pill, lived to tell the tale and has got it banned. All while swimming a few laps of a pool and getting paid big bikkies to do so; sounds like a pretty good life to me. As for the rest of his life at the moment, I’ll leave that alone I think.



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