Tatts Ugly

9 07 2012

I was watching channel Seven’s ‘Sunday Night’ last night (fancy that), and they ran this story, ‘Tattoo Or Not Tattoo on tattoos and the ever increasing popularity of them among the younger generations.

Lord Voldemort: he is out there. Somewhere.

It presented some interesting facts about tattoos that I wasn’t previously aware of, but didn’t really surprise me when I found out. It also pointed out some things that were obvious but amazing that people still don’t consider when getting a tattoo.

When tattoos go wrong…

The example of the 18 y.o. who got a tattoo in the honour of her brother who has cancer will never make sense to me; even in a million years time, I will still be baffled by it. Yes, okay, so it was a nice gesture, but it ain’t going to cure him is it? And you have to explain to everyone the significance of it. But your family is still going to love you if you get the tattoo or not aren’t they; so why go through a few hours of pain for something that will fade, sag with age and be totally forgotten after you go?

This bloke went through this for his family. So the opposite to everybode else then.

A picture in your purse or wallet would be much better. Why? Well every time you go to buy something, which is every day for most of us, you will see their smiling face looking back at you. It’s free to put the picture there; and you can update the photo every few years or so. You don’t have to go through a few hours of pain and it won’t stop you from potentially getting a job in the future.

He originally looked like this

Maybe I’m just old fashioned though, because I hate tattoos and I haven’t seen one that has really impressed me before, and I highly doubt that I will any time soon. I remember a while back on Facebook a chick I know said she was considering getting a tattoo, only a small one she said, but it was a tattoo none the less. Now I’m not a chance with this girl, and I doubt I ever will be, but I was mortified when I found this out. She really is a beautiful girl and getting a tattoo would spoil that, even if it is a small one on the back of her wrist. Fortunately though, I wasn’t the only one who thought like this, whether or not that has changed her mind or not, I don’t know.

He now looks like this. 25 operations later.

If we were intended to have all these fancy colours on our skin, wouldn’t we be born with small patches that would grow and develop over time? Just like piercings, if we were meant to have them, we would be born with holes that were perfect for them. I will admit though, pierced ears don’t bother me that much, if they are the right kind, not those big loop things that a lot of people are sporting nowadays. I was once told that the best thing to do to people with them was to run up behind them, put a lock on it and run like hell. This was so tempting.

Lock it in Eddie!

I wouldn’t get a tattoo if you paid me a million dollars (no, not even when the Sharks win their maiden premiership), and I honestly cannot see the appeal of them. You know what I think though: I think they are for people who are not happy with themselves. Why else would you put a picture or design on your shoulder or back; to distract people.



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