I Feel Like I’m Left Behind

12 07 2012

The situation I find myself in at the moment brings to mind a certain song. That song is ‘All My Friends Are Getting Married’ by Skyhooks. Unlike what the title suggests though, no one is getting married; well, not that I can confirm.

The plot of the song sees us hear the story of the protagonist ‘Shirl’ reflect on the good time that he and all his mates had when they were young, and how they are now coming to an end because of other commitments that he doesn’t have (marriage). I feel like I know what he is going through because it feels like all the good times are drying up faster than I would have liked.


As I have mentioned previously, I am at uni as are some of my friends. But there are some who go to TAFE and some who have finished. You’re probably thinking “just hang out with your friends on campus”. This is where the problem is though. One friend who goes to uni, I have just been informed, has picked up a cadetship at an accountancy firm. In Perth. 3900 km away. I wish him all the best and hope to see him again soon, but I deleted Facebook just the other week and I don’t have the biggest budget for phone credit (although, now that I think about it, I’ll just email him).

The other friends that go to uni are much better; one hasn’t replied to the last ten or so texts that I have sent him, and this is ten or so over 2-3 months. Nguyen doesn’t have a job at the moment so doesn’t like coming to lunch much and when uni is in session, if he’s not in class, he is at home studying ‘till he drops. And ‘Charlie’, well it seems that if he isn’t at uni, he’s at work (so how he’s getting better marks than me, I have no idea. I think I’m just lazy though).

I’m not the most confident person when it comes to introducing myself, so meeting new people is hard, especially when everyone seems to have their noses buried in their phones and/or laptops at uni. But it’s a new session in a few weeks, so who knows?

I have a friend, who is at TAFE at the moment, but due to our conflicting timetables, it’s a bit hard to see him during the week and because he has a big family, I have to hope that he doesn’t have family commitments on the weekend. That and hope work doesn’t call him in early. Andy, it seems, is always up in Sydney (well every time I text him anyway).

So as you can gather, I don’t get out too much; and that’s not going to change any time soon. This is why I feel a bit like ‘Shirl’ (I’m on my own a lot). Although, if a text I got about 8 or 9 weeks ago is to be believed, someone that I used to know is getting married; because he knocked a chick up. So, it begins after all.

(Added on 14/7/12)

😀 This is how I feel right now. I’ve just been informed that the friend that was meant to be moving to Perth is not. He did not get a cadetship and he does not work at Big W. He was leading me on the whole time: he had me well and truely punk’d. I’m amazed that he didn’t call out ‘BURNED!’ when he told me. I feel stupid though now; I’ve never been led on without figuring out what was going on before in my life. Admittedly though, he did tell me via text message, and I can never work out if they are telling the truth sometimes (further evidence as to why I don’t like technology much even though I have a fair bit of it). It’s a running joke he has going with a few of my other friends: they all get together and go along with the idea that something big and significant is about to happen, unfortunatly I was the poor sod who got left out this time, but thankfully, I wasn’t the first.

Yes I did.



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