A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Away

19 07 2012

What’ll they do next? What’ll they play? How will they play it? What’ll it mean? Where will I go? How will I get there? What will I see? Will I like what I see? How will I react? What will I feel? Will I want to return? Will it change me? Will I have words to describe it?

I like what I see here

There might be many more, but if you’re not careful, you might not get the answer to any of these. I’m referring to music; specifically what I like to refer to as ‘long’ songs, and by long, I mean seven plus minutes.

I don’t know about you, but I like long songs. I remember a good friend of mine, Marty Willson-Piper, once said that ‘the longest songs are always too short’. I agree 100% with this. Long songs take you on an adventure; you see things, you feeling things (it’s called emotions – Ed), and you hear things (no shit Sherlock! – Ed). You experience things that pop songs can’t deliver, and that’s why I like them. Not only that, long songs require a certain atmosphere to be good and enjoyable, and pop songs don’t really have atmosphere; and it’s this atmosphere that transport you to another dimension.


There is a problem with long songs though; all the long songs that I seem to like work dark and vision is limited. Particularly Pink Floyd; and it has to be loud. By loud, I mean bordering on deafening. So, cue the headphones (or complaints from the neighbours).

Unless you’re a recluse who live miles from civilisation, these are a necassry evil

But it’s better to have it loud because if it’s loud enough, all other sounds are blocked out. So someone could walk past and you’d never know. I’ve had this happen to me before; my sister came in my room but it was only when the album finished and I wake up that I realised something was missing (she took the dictionary from my desk).

Not only that, I’m short sighted, so I could walk around with my headphones up loud, my glasses off and I wouldn’t know if someone was ‘ghosting’ me. So the music acts as the landscape for a foreign planet.

‘You’re doing it wrong!’

So in an age where time is such a precious thing and people are rushing around seemingly non-stop, I’m grateful that there have been bands in the past that were willing to experiment with time and sounds; because just when you think you know what’s coming next, it doesn’t happen. And have you ever seen anyone in a state of drowsy delirium and say ‘I’m listening to Lady Gaga’?

What I don’t get though is how people find pop songs too long. My sister has told me before that she only listens to the first minute and a half – two minutes of a song before skipping to the next one. I’ve got songs with introductory instrumentals three times longer than that. Why I can’t understand this is because a lot of people (myself included) say they use music as an escape; they use it to alleviate the pressure that they feel here in the real world. To me, this makes perfect sense to listen to long songs; because in that time you will have escaped further away than you would have done with Bieber song.

That doesn’t really bother me though, because that means that songs like this, this and this will never get played until over kill. So when I’m raiding my dad’s cd collection, I know that if what I’m looking for is not there, it’ll be in the car, because my sister (and mum) won’t have them.

We were in Rome when this song began




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