14 08 2012

Hi I’m the –ed.  You may know me from such comments as ‘no shit Sherlock!’ and ‘all pop songs, dumbass’.

I’m here to tell you something that the other guy who normally does this is too lazy to. And that is, he’s at uni now and because the subjects that he is doing don’t require him to blog regularly, he is going to seemingly disregard his blog for the next few weeks.

This is Ed. I am -ed. So absolutley no relation! Ok?!

He says that if he doesn’t have to focus on the regular maintenance of his site he’s not going to and focus all his energy on his studies. Speaking of studies, he also says that he is going to look at the formats and techniques that others bloggers successfully use to have an interesting blog and to develop quite a following (not that there’s anything wrong with what he’s got now.

So if no new posts are published in the next month or two, don’t think of it as a lazy blogger, think of it as a work in progress and a hopefully better product resulting in due time.

Except that you never won any awards! Oh, burn!

Personally if you ask me, I just think he’s run out of stuff to write about, his ideas have run dry (I’m still reading this you know! – Seance). But I don’t mind; it makes my job a hell of a lot easier.

So please bear with us over the next coming weeks and hopefully regular blogging should return to a monitor near you before you know it.

Wrong monitor. We really need to get a new art director (agreed – Seance)

In the mean time though, just read older posts like this and this. I mean who doesn’t like a good re-run?

Seriously?! Noone put their hands up?

Signing off –ed.



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