That Igloo Band

2 10 2012

As I said two posts ago (I said it actually –ed.), I’m going to see Icehouse soon, in 9 days to be exact. They are embarking on their ‘Primitive Colours’ tour, which is just a clever marketing way of saying that they will be performing their two most successful albums of all time in their entirety; those albums being ‘Primitive Man’ and ‘Man Of  Colours’. I think the tour is an extension of their 30th anniversary tour (so I’ve heard).

Already though, I have a bone to pick with the show. The location is good; it’s the Waves Night Club at Towradgi Beach Hotel which is where I saw The Church last year and really like the layout. Seats were not allocated and they were all at tables of about ten.  Because there were a few the tables and a vast area to cover, if you just wanted to see a good show, you could seat as far back as you pleased, or if you were keen (like me) you could sit at the closest table to the stage. Alternatively, you could go and stand in front of the stage just inches from the band, as I did when The Church performed ‘Starfish’. I love the location so much that the real shame is that every band doesn’t perform there.

Not very often you get free advertising

No, the bone I have to pick is with the price of the ticket (receipt) given the performance. The ticket cost $59 and Icehouse will only be performing 2 albums; unless they do an encore or two and the ticket does say ‘with special guest’. The only reason that I’m disappointed with this is because I will be forever condemned to compare prices to the that of the first concert I ever went to which worked out to be an average of $1 per song (and that’s before I met the two guitarists after the show for half an hour or so). They don’t even let you keep the ticket as a memento. But you can’t win them all.

Told you it looks like a reciept from a distance

Some of the songs that I will get to see will be amazing.

Great Southern Land; the song that is colloquially referred to as our unofficial national anthem (and for good reason too –ed.) I once heard an interview with Steve Kilbey (and Iva Davies) and he summed up the appeal of GSL perfectly. “The song is taking us between the two Australias”. It never will happen, but if it were to become our anthem, it really would be the best in the world. Sure it goes for over five minutes, but would it not be worth it? To solve this problem, all they’d have to do is cut out the instrumental in the middle, because let’s be honest, how many national anthems have solos in the middle?

Primitive Man – 1982

Street Cafe. This song for me is better as the single edit than the album version; it just has slightly more oomph to it and is a real power song. I remember I was over at a friend’s place up in the hills one time on a really clear night, no light pollution and you could see for miles up in the sky, it was really beautiful. We were seeing a friend off, he had to leave early for some reason (early being after midnight –ed.) but before I went back inside, I pulled out my mp3 and just lay on the driveway listening to this song. The concrete was just warm enough to be tolerable, and the only let down from the experience was that the song had to end.

Man Of Colours – 1987

Man Of Colours is the song that might make me turn into a blabbering mess and wishing I had someone special there with me (I’ll be there with you: in spirit. Mwahaha – ed.) Hey! I don’t need smart arse comments like that now thanks (isn’t that what you hired me for though? Zing – ed.) *Scratches head* Shut up! (That’s ed. 1; Seance 0. Woop Woop! – ed.). Anyway, I say this because of the first time I ever heard this song. I had heard so much about it before putting it on my mp3, but I’d never actually heard it. Even when I put it on my mp3 I didn’t listen to it straight away. But the first time I heard it will never leave me. My pop had passed away not long before and the whole family was at my grandparents place down the south coast. My mum and my sister were down the shop getting something, and my nan, dad and uncle were at the funeral parlour giving details about my pop’s life. So I was in the big house all on my own. It has tiled floors so isn’t the warmest place, and the fact that there was a light cross breeze added to the chill factor. The song then sent another chill up my spine because it was such an enchanting lyric and the instrumental was just tantalizing.

Sunrise; just listen and make up your own mind. I really can see the blood red sky of sunrise. I can see it all, and I love it. Maybe this is because I live close to the harbour and go there on a fairly regular basis.

Oh oh, I see it

So, Icehouse isn’t my favourite band, but as each day lapses, the more my excitement rises. Bring it on I say.  Front row seats please.



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