28 01 2013

For the last week, I had such a good time. I really enjoyed my change of scenery. Well, at least I think I did.

Last week, we had our bathroom renovated, so to get our of the renovator’s hair, I went and spent 3 nights down the coast at my Nan’s place (the fact that it’s summer time and I don’t get to see my nan that often were also motivating factors for the trip south).

Down at Sussex, it is a dream come true. The first night we (my sister and I) got down there, upon our return from dinner at the bowling club, there were 5 kangaroos scattered on Nan’s front lawn (some of them were big buggers too). There are birds of many varieties (did you know that Australia had native pigeons? I didn’t, well, not until I saw one) and times just drifts away when you are watching them go about their daily business (some birds are that picky with the feed that you give them that they will shovel the vast majority of mixed feed out of the bowl looking for certain seeds). If you’re lucky at night you might even get to see some stars as well.

As close as I got to some real natives of the area.

As close as I got to some real natives of the area.

Due to the fact that it is viewed as a place to ‘settle down’ later in life, most of the residents will the 50+ age box on surveys. Even those who don’t have the utmost respect for the tranquil surrounds.

Compared to where I come from, this place is a god send, especially when you consider the fact that my Nan is only a few moments walk away from the river.

So with all this peace and nature around, you’d have thought that I’d enjoy my time down there, right?

Mentally, I did; it was really worth it. Physically thought, I can’t say the same.

(Now for the extra long winded explanation – ed.)

I don’t get to see my uncle that often so any opportunity I get, I take (especially if my dad won’t be present), so when my Nan said that my uncle was going down on the Saturday, I instantly got on the phone to ask him when he was leaving and if he could pick me up on the way.

Because I only found out about this after I had got down to Sussex, I had already told work that I would be available for the Friday Night Shift at work (so I had to return for one night). I can’t say I noticed that my body missed it’s usual surrounds of Wollongong however, on the second trip down with my uncle I did.

For those two nights, I woke up at least three times for unknown reasons. There were no loud noises, I wasn’t creeped out by something crawling up my leg and I sure as hell wasn’t missing home (or were you? – ed). So I don’t know what was going on.

Last night though, I slept like a little baby. Back in my own bed and familiar with all the noises and sounds, I went out like a light; even though I didn’t want to be there. Add to this the fact that I’d just been watching telly without a light on, and it was an amazing sleep.

So the point that I extracted from this post: yes, change is good, but man does it do things to your sleeping patterns.

P.S. –  There are more photos that were taken, but they are on my uncle’s phone and he is yet to email them though to me.




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