18 Facts About The Church

7 04 2013
  1. The band was named after the line ‘The church of man love’ from the David Bowie song Moonage Daydream
  2. Richard Ploog was NOT the original drummer. That title goes to Nick Ward
  3. The Unguarded Moment’ was not the band’s first hit. That was actually ‘She Never Said
  4. The coloured parts of the heart on Of Skins And Heart have no anatomical significance
  5. The original concept art for The Blurred Crusade was the four band member standing around an empty cage
  6. The cover of Seance was taken by Kim Sanderman (the then girlfriend of Russell Kilbey who contributed harmonica on the album)
  7. The girl on the cover of Seance is ‘Meg’
  8. Kim Sanderman also contributed the cover art of Remote Luxury
  9. Columbus’, while written on the American leg of the tour, was not actually written in Columbus. It was written in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  10. The production team for Starfish was inspired by the bands enjoyment of the Don Henley song ‘Boy of Summer
  11. The name Starfish means absolutely nothing. The band just liked the name. None the less Steve had to write a letter to Arista (the record company they were signed to) to convince them it had a purpose
  12. The drum machine used to replace Ploog on Gold Afternoon Fix was called the Alessis HR-16
  13. Priest = Aura got its name from some miss read Spanish vocab notes. Meeting a fan back stage after a show, Steve (reading it upside down) though the paper said ‘priest = aura’. It actually said ‘priest = cura’
  14. The song ‘Two Place At Once’ was written by Marty and Steve and stitched together. Neither had any knowledge of what the other had written though, hence the title
  15. Hologram of Baal was originally going to be called Hologram of Allah. But the band feared a possible backlash by way of a fatwa
  16. Technically, all members of the current line up have sung lead vocals at some stage. Tim Powles sang ‘Take Your Place’ on the 1997 album pharmakoi/distance crunching honchos with echo units
  17. The song ‘This Is It’ is about INXS front man Michael Hutchence

18.   El Momento Descuidado means ‘The Unguarded Moment’ in Spanish. The band decided to call the album this because of a memory of seeing this as a headline in a Spanish newspaper. El Momento Siguiente means ‘The Following Moment’




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