Day Light Savings

9 04 2013

My friend ‘Charlie’ and I were in the library the other afternoon when he commented, “I don’t like this whole ‘not day-light saving’ thing. It gets dark way too early”. Initially, I agreed with him. But that may be because I had a cold and wasn’t feeling too crash hot.

Because when I think about it, I prefer winter over summer. After all, I am an autumn baby (only by two days – ed.)

Think about it, you can only take of so many layers before you’re considered ‘indecent’. But you can put on as many layers as you please and nobody asks any questions.


Plus, it’s the ultimate excuse to stay in bed all day. There are no justifiable excuses other than being disabled for staying in bed keeping comfortable.

But it may also be that I have increasingly become a land lubber over the last 3 years that I don’t care as much for summer. I don’t think I went swimming at the beach once this summer. The closest I may have gotten was standing in the water with my pants rolled up.

I love living on the coast, don’t get me wrong, but the water? Nup, doesn’t do anything for me. I’d rather sweat it out in front of the tv watching the cricket drinking a big bottle of water than splashing about in the pool (not that we have one).

It was suggested to me the other day for the umpteenth time that if I was to get a start on radio or in print that I might have to move out bush. I’d love such an opportunity.


Why? I’ve lived in the suburbs all my life and would like to get away. I know what you’re going to say, “Don’t think all your perceptions will be true; because generally they never are”. Sure, I have a picture of what life ‘out back’ is going to be like, but will I care if they’re busted? Only if I can’t see stars for miles and miles.

But I know it gets sweltering during the day and icy cold during the night, but I can handle that. Especially the night bit.

So no, I now disagree with ‘Charlie’, I DO like the ‘non-day-light saving’ period of the year. Because the evening air really feels fresh when you go for a walk as it won’t have been as hot during the day (in most cases anyway).

And to introduce a cliché to now, there’s also an element of romance about it. Sitting at the bus stop last night, I could look one way and the sky was a purple-orange type colour. If I turned my head 90 degrees, the sky was still blue with the yellow of the setting sun.


I know you get this in the summer time, but you have to wait for ages for this to happen. Where yesterday, this was only 6p.m. So I was still inside in time to watch my program on the tv (but you didn’t watch anything last night – ed.), shut up. All this and I still got to feel the magic of the night.

Now imagine you had someone to cuddle up to when you got inside. Would that just not have been the best feeling you could ask for?



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