10 05 2013

Why does it hurt just so?

Have you seen the ‘meme’ (I think that’s what you’d refer to it as. I’m no internet geek) where it has a picture of an army soldier cut the wires of a bomb, and down the bottom is the tag line ‘how it feels to text the girl you like’? Yep.

To borrow a line from a tv show I saw one, “I get intimidated by beautiful, successful women”.

Actually, I don’t even know what to call them. I don’t think of myself as an adult, so I don’t think of other people my age as adults either; we’re just mature people (even though I’m 21). So is it wrong to refer to girls my age as just that; ‘Girls’?

Could this be causing my backwards tumble?

I tumbled on some stairs today. Somehow my shoe got caught on something I don’t know what was; must’ve been a tiny little lip or something.

I saw a website article of what celebs looked like before they were famous. I think the whole idea was to list in order of biggest shock or something like that. Well it did start at 15 and count down. Wacko Jacko only came in at #12 though, which was interesting. And Taylor Swift has nice tits (as does Kat Dennings).

Played pool for the first time in nearly 3 months. Lost all 3 games. I got a shellacking in the final 2. I don’t think I sunk a single ball in the last come to think of it. But I was able to launch the ball 4 or 5 times a game; so I never got boxed in.

I also found out that this is quite easy to interpret. Apparently I could make a good carer too. But how do I tell you-know-who?

Cheesy-Bacon chips are nice. Deadly; but nice.

 Ran from my place to the library in 15 minutes this arvo. No idea how impressive that is. It felt impressive though.

But I did let myself down by failing to stick to plan. However, I have reached a conclusion about fast-food. Macca’s makes the best chocolate milkshakes and Chicko’s have the best chips (and the blonde that served me was hot…)

“Birds come flying at the speed of sound/To tell us how it all went down/And if you could see it then you’d understand”

The Sharks were on telly last night; but not until 9:30 so the game was crammed full of ads that the first game wasn’t.

I really got to be happy; but how do I do that living with this stress?

“Nobody said it was easy/Nobody said it was fun/Running around in circles/Coming back to the start”

The Church or Coldplay? I have an emotional attachment to the prior but none the latter; but maybe in a month or two… Someone on YouTube said Coldplay wasn’t like angels singing but kissing your ears. I wonder how that person did at English. Probably the church though. They seem more of a people’s band; actually no. Coldplay just have a bigger fan base atm so can be as personable. And the church are just so damn dynamic.

Thank you. Sorry.



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