It Was Nice

12 05 2013

That was a good weekend. My faith in life was restored. Briefly.
Then Monday rolled around.

I kind of have a ‘Plan B’ but still no ‘Plan C’.

Does it matter though? My stress is causing too much trouble so I have to get out now, I’m certain of that. We’re only just over halfway through session and I’ve lost it. And by ‘it’, I mean everything. A friend asked me some questions about cars the other day and I couldn’t answer him without saying “I don’t know”.

My nose has developed a twitch when I think about certain things/people. Is that a bad thing?

My ears hurt when I listen to music now. I don’t like this.

I’m falling asleep at the slightest inclination these days even though I’m eating more. Go figure science.

I ran out of credit texting that person last night. Good thing it was only about footy and was wrapping up anyway. A few more messages would have been nice though.

Screw you Monday. Why do I have to be so…so…so like this?

Sometimes I envy people who can’t read.

I think my smile is broken.



What do I do now?

Life goes too fast. I mean, hell, it’s already 9:30.



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