Out Of Order

14 05 2013

I faked a headache and fanned not being well and they took it. I think my sister knew what was happening though. I also bought a DVD which doesn’t work in my computer. Piece of shit cost me $15 it did. Good thing it wasn’t a Church one; but it was Coldplay.

Tried to take 2 panadol tables without water. I was able to swallow them. Eventually. Found out my twitter account is worth about $12. Wow.

I must be lonely though; I thought that an animated, cartoon chick was hot.

I wasted nearly an hour sitting on a wall thinking how much it would hurt if I fell backwards off it (it wasn’t even a meter high, but may have got me some attention).

Imgur has some funny picture. It also has some total crap.

Even though I have over 6 times it, $1000 is a scary number when you have to spend it on something that’s not guaranteed.

He just ducked his head in. So I had to lie. Again. Now I really do have a throbbing headache; like someone put an elastic band around my head; which is caving in.

I saw a notice at the library about ‘chronic fatigue’, or something like that. Initially I though it may have been talking about people like me. Because even though I’m eating more these days, I’m tired all the time. But that may be the stress that I am under atm. Anyway, as it turned out, I don’t suffer from whatever the condition was called as the example sighted people who are bed ridden for days, if not weeks, after a simple walk to the shop. I’m not quite that bad. But is it just me or is this condition just like clinomania with a professional sounding twist?

That was a big paragraph. 107 words it was.

My sister is at the stage where she ‘has to make up’ her mind what she wants to do with her future. Because she is in on my situation, she got some information for me from a careers expo even though I didn’t ask her to. She’s awesome like that. She wants to get into business management or something or other. Something that I am not smart enough to know what the hell is going on.

I nearly flipped what-his-face the bird and called him a See-You-Next-Tuesday. I could feel all my fingers bar the middle one curling up into a fist. The only reason I stopped myself is that it looked like his dad was in the car with him. And I have respect for his dad. And I didn’t want to stoop to the lows of fulfilling the Berkeley stereotype.

Even though I didn’t want to, I gave into temptation and had a large chocolate milkshake and small fries from Maccas. When I sat down to have it, the chick two tables over kept distracting me. And I’m not usually that taken by blondes.

Five words to go. 500!

How is it that Phil Collins song goes? “I don’t care no moooooooooooooooooooooore! No more, no more. No more, no more. No more, no more. No more.”

I do like his ‘In The Air Tonight’. I can totally relate to the words for that song. Oh, and the big ass sounding drums are just the cherry on top. Wonder if Bob Clearmountain had anything to do with that some. (If you’re a big Church anorak like me, you’d get what I did there).

Hehe, my dad thinks I have a headache because I’m reading a bit too much. Boy, what a surprise he’s in for….


I found a good way to spook people in public today. Step1; walk behind them at a close proximity. Step 2; clear your throat really loudly and watch how fast they turn around. Not bad for a laugh the first few times.

I hate living at home.

Why do I feel so weak?

About the only saving grace in my situation right now it the fact that I’m not the only one.

Must start eating healthy again. Hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahah, I’ve never made myself laugh so hard. I haven’t eaten healthy since Easter. Damn chocolate bunny. Apparently the bunny is representative of new life. Makes sense. In more ways than one.

I really need to get my eyes checked again. I’m struggling to see this screen.  To be fair though, I haven’t got my glasses on.


“With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, it’s fun that never ends. Adventure Time!”

You know, I’m starting to think that all my posts sound the same and my life is just me running on some giant hamster wheel.



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