It Was Coming Eventually

20 05 2013

I have asked on the unofficial Facebook page, but I only asked what they were, because no offence, but the explanation as to why would have gone something like this: “I don’t know why, it just has that something that appeals to me I guess”.

So in this completely unoriginal and totally expected post, I’m going to list my favourite 10 Church songs and why I like them.

Numero Uno: After Everything (2007)

This song is my absolute favourite. I’m talking about the acoustic version though, not the original (clichés will be in abundance from here on, just a heads up – ed.). This song has possibly the most beautiful vocal Steve has ever recorded with the band (he may have done better gone solo, but I’m not interested in that here). It is total melancholy, but that’s what Steve does best, so it’s no surprise. Everything about this song is just wonderful. From the opening strumming, through the stings section and the middle 8; it just falls into place like a jigsaw. I might also like it because I can relate to the words (“I really thought it would go on forever/ I never believed they would sever the ties/ All of the questions remaining unanswered/ Strangers reflection in a strangers eye), but that’s another story.

From here on in the songs are listed in no particular order.

#2, 3 + 4:

To save myself time here, just read this.

#5: My Little Problem (1994)

This song is the only good thing about what is in my view the worst album the band has ever recorded (consider the things that were happening at the time and cut them some slack man (ed.). The song goes for over 7 minute and encapsulates all that is good about the band. It is a confessional about Steve’s drug problem and is amazing given the apparent simplicity of the song compared to previous recordings from the band.

#6: A Month of Sundays (1984)

Again, read this.

#7: Easy (2006)

From the album ‘Uninvited, Like The Clouds’, the title of the song describes what it is to fall in love with it. Even though it doesn’t even hit the 5 minute mark, I was once quoted as saying that it felt like it went forever. I believe that this may have been due to my unfamiliarity with the song at the time and the fact that it doesn’t really have a solo as such.

#8: Life Speeds Up (1982)

B-side to ‘The Unguarded Moment’, this song is a hidden classic, one for the true fan. The song sounds big, an absolute mammoth of a song with what could best be described as a slight American influence in terms of the sound (it was produced by Bob Clearmountain don’t forget – ed.). I know this means bugger all, but is actually a good song to play either air guitar or drums to; so if you want to unwind to a new song, give this a try first.

#9: Chromium (2004)

Again, I’m talking about the acoustic version, not the original. Found on ‘El Momento Descuidado’ this re-imagining has the feel of a ‘Sunday crush’ song. When I listen to it, I see myself sitting in a chair that’s sunken into the sand and the ocean is lapping around my feet. The shadows have grown long and a chill has entered the breeze, but I don’t want to leave. About the only thing missing is that someone I like. Bliss.

#10: Crash/Ride (2004)

The third track from ‘Beside Yourself’, this track is, well, interesting. It starts off with loads of bass (that could just be your stereo settings dude – ed.) and just builds and builds.


I don’t know if it’s a sad song (and I don’t want to know), but I always feel a little deflated after listening to it.



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