26 05 2013

You might remember that back in February I was asked to write some reviews of albums for The Church’s website. Which I did.

And you might also remember that last week I compiled a top ten best Church songs. Well, as it turns out, that list is wrong. And I know this because I listened to Back With Two Beasts for the first time in a while last night.

As I said in the review of BWTB, it’s the type of album that is memorable on its own, but there are no stand-out songs that you will remember in a few days time after you’ve put it away. And it is for this exact reason that the list I compiled is wrong, BECAUSE I FORGOT ‘IONIAN BLUES’!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t know how it happened, but this song never crossed my mind for even half a millisecond. But now that I know about/remember it, it instantly becomes the number 1 song, sitting high and mighty atop the list.

I did consider adding an ‘honourable mentions’ section at the end of the list but I decided against this. Now that I’m talking about it though, I may as well.

And I’ll start with the song that made way for ‘Ionian Blues’: the acoustic version of ‘Chromium’. The other mentions go out to ‘One Day’, ‘Reptile’, ‘Tranquility’, ‘LLC’, ‘As You Will’, ‘Moon Hangs In Black’, ‘So Love May Find Us’ and ‘Is This Where You Live?

Can I just say though, it was really hard to compile this list as the band has released over 300 songs and are still going. So knowing my lack of brain cells to do the remembering, there are probably other songs that I’ve forgotten to mention, but to leave ‘Ionian Blues’ out was just unacceptable in every sense of the word. Especially when you consider that (this is where I’m going to feel really, super stupid) I’ve said before, and still say that it is, BWTB is my favourite album of all time.




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