*Grumble Grumble Grumble*

3 06 2013

I’ve just figured out why I’m putting on weight (you’re eating food. Yes, well done – ed.) But why am I eating more food than normal then smart ass?

It’s because my perspectives have all changed. Before, I used to look at things long term. Now though, I can’t see beyond tomorrow, so I’m only seeking short term pleasure; thus I’m eating more junk because it’s enjoyable and tasty now. That and I’ve given up caring.

It’s interesting to see how different people react to different situations though. Someone that I know asks me how I feel when they sense something wrong. Another simply states the obvious to which I feel compelled to scream out “No shit?! Really?! You don’t fucking say.” He doesn’t ask me anything though, just makes his statement and is done with it. And a 3rd ‘friend’ just goes all awkward and tries to change the subject every time my name gets mentioned; that’s what I’m told anyway.

But I’m just going around in circles these days. Get up, go to uni, spend money, eat/drink, go home, sleep, prey for the weekend.

I’ve still got 4 hours to blow and this laptop is due back at 1:08. I’d text someone, but it’s Monday. And I don’t have much credit left. And I left my card at home to prevent wasteful spending.

Seance by The Church turns 30 in 10 days time. The cool bit is I’m Facebook friends with all three founding members of the band, the guy who played harmonica on the album and the woman who took the photo for the front cover. I’m also friends with the guy who makes all the unofficial videos for the band.

Knowing my luck they probably will, but I so hope work doesn’t ring on Wednesday night. Go NSW!




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