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4 06 2013

“You sound emo”.

“These always offer relatable, interesting insights”

Dammit. Now I don’t know weather to keep going or stop. I was going to give up, but then I logged onto twitter this morning and saw an encouraging comment.

But I might keep this going a little bit longer yet, as I’ve thought of stuff and things and more stuff. It also keeps me sane a bit because it feels like I’m talking to someone. And I must be; because I’ve not looked at this sight over 2000 times (so thanks everyone).

I don’t know why it took so long, but I’ve just realised that I clearly have an interest in all the wrong industries. First I wanted (or so I thought) to be a journalist, which I have been told for years is a dying industry. But as one of my tutors put it: “it’s not dying, it’s adapting. Instead of reading paper, we’re reading a screen”. Hmm, makes sense.

But what about my other options(?). Selling music, simply because I have a passion for it. This clearly is not going to work. In fact, I’m suprised that stores like ‘Music Farmers’ and others that specialise in just music are still around. Because downloading seems to be the way to go. Take my sister for example. She likes music just as much as me (but worse taste) and if I open up the downloads folder on the home computer, I am literally scrolling for a good 30 seconds to get to the bottom. But me on the other hand, I’d rather the physical object (as I’m sure I’ve mentioned numerous times here).

Photography is probably a similar deal. With (nearly) everyone having a camera phone of sorts, I wouldn’t be suprised to find out that the photo industry is the most under threat compared to 15 years ago. Wow, in my head, 15 years ago sounds like a long time, but it’s actually only 1998. That’s the same year my sister was born, so it’s actually not that long ago. That’s scary.

How can people have their computer moniters turned up so bright though? Compared to the people either side of me, mine looks like it’s not even tuned on. Every time I turn my head ever so slightly it feels like I’m looking at the sun.

And now I’m going to try and bring this full circle (because apparently that’s what good writers have the ability to do). I like to think that I can offer relatable insights because I like to think (I’m doing a lot of thinking here aren’t I?) that my observations and memory of the insignificant things during the day are interesting and worth something somehow.

Obviously I’m not as good as my idol Steve Kilbey. But I’d love to be able to get there one day. He put out an album in 2009 called ‘Art, Man + Technology‘, I’d say try and buy it if you can, but I bought the last one in February and there are none on eBay. This best way to describe the album is as a kind of amalgamation of oservation, experiance and creativity rolled into heavy/reflective listening. Look at these and decide for yourself, because well that’s how I hear it.

But my observations of the small insignificant things are only good if I’m on my own. So you put me with a group of frineds and I wouldn’t have noticed that the iPhone cover of the seventh person to walk past me since I sat down was desinged to look like a cassette tape (the same as my sisters).

One thing I have noticed though is my lack of hyperlinking in these last few posts. But it’s okay, I have an explanation for that.




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