Video Killed The Football Star

4 06 2013

Seeing as tonight is the first State of Origin game, I may as well talk about that. At least I can kind of be positive.

A few people and I agree that we don’t like the video referees much in the NRL but we all reckon that this years system (where the on-filed ref makes his decision before going up stairs) is much better.

However, I still think it’s too much. Why could the game not adopt a cricket style referral system? The ref makes his decision as he sees it. But each team gets one challenge per game. So if a ref says it was held up, the team denied can choose to challenge the decision. If it comes back ‘No Try’, that team has no more challenges for the game, but if they are successful, they get another.

This would make referee’s decisions the ones that stand and might stop players hassling the ref, helping to further improve the family friendly image the game wants.

And why is it that the video referee can’t adjudicate on a forward pass? He can make a call about a knock-on, so what’s the difference? In both instances the ball travels in a forward direction.

Another alternative to phase out the video referee is to have more on-field refs. Bear with me here. We already have 2 referees on the field, and the 2 touch judges. But why not go further and have an ‘in goal’ referee? This mean that when a potential try is scored there will be 5 sets of eyes watching the action as it unfolds. It works for the AFL. Admitedly though, scoring in AFL is drastically different to NRL.

The good news for me at the moment is work hasn’t rung me yet. The bad news is it’s only 9:58. And yes, I am wearing a blue shirt today.

According to the published date on the post, it’s still the 4/6/13, but where I am it’s actually 5/6/13. Just pointing that out for those of you who are reading this and might get confused about my referencing the SOO as tonight.




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