Sharks To Stay In Cronulla

25 09 2013

Unfortunately this is not an exclusive breaking headline, but a letter to Mr. Dave Smith, NRL CEO

Dear Mr. Smith,

I know that you have said that there has been no thought to relocating any clubs at the moment, but with the news surrounding the possible relocation of Cronulla to southern Queensland, I’d like to present some reasons why it should never happen:

1) There is no denying that the Sharks are the great under achievers in the modern game, it’s an inescapable fact. But will moving the team 1500 km north change that? Queenslanders, with their current domination of Origin, are bred for success, so do you think that many fans in that part of the world will adopt a team that is 0 from 46?

2) What about players who have signed on with Cronulla and have young families? They would have signed with Cronulla thinking they could raise their family in Sydney. So will they be willing to pack up and make the trek north or will they want to opt out of their contract to sign with another Sydney team if location was their reason for signing in the first place?

3) When St. George merged with Illawarra and Balmain with Wests, I can imagine that it would have been hard on the supporters. But a small consolation for them was that they would get to see the merger play at the same ground as which ever team it was that they were following before. Will Sharks fans still get to see their team play at Shark Park (sorry, Remondis Stadium) 3 or 4 times a year?

This is not wanted thank you

This is not wanted thank you

4) Why south Queensland? The Central Coast has been crying out for their own team for years. They already have a stadium (Bluetounge) that is used for league and it would be easier for existing Shark fans to travel to.

5) How do you tell young kids who support the team that they can no longer go and see the Sharks play because the family can’t make it to Queensland every other weekend?

So please Mr. Smith, keep the Sharks in the Shire where they belong.


A One-Eyed Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks supporter.



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