I Lost Count

20 08 2014

Three? Four? I dunno, I lost count.

But anyway, I’m back! (Again – ed.). Yes and I actually have a motive apart from wanting to be a writer, although sometimes the writing bug does strike and I get the urge to write this big fantabulous piece. But it usually stalls at this point as I struggle for ideas for what to write about and then get demotivated when I realise that research will be involved.

Anyway, to fill you in on why I’m back: I bought a (Jeep? – ed.), *sigh*, no, I bought a bass guitar. I actually bought two basses and acquired an electric six-string (hi Nguyen). I’ve had the first bass (a black Casino Stage Series) since January, the second (a red Rebelrocker/Rickenbacker F-style) for about a fortnight and the six-string (a red and black 1983 Ibanez Roadster II Series) since my birthday.

My Rickenbacker

  My Rickenbacker

I literally said “F*ck it” one day and went shopping around for decent beginners bass packs and wound up with the Casino. The reason I bought a bass is because when I did music classes in high school I could never get the hang of playing a) with a pick; and b) chords. So that really only left one option. And that suited me fine, because the bass guitar is my kind of instrument if you think about it. It plays an important part in a band, but isn’t (well not always) the lead instrument. So it keeps everything together without always being at the forefront.

I can now play over twenty different songs from a range of artists including The Church (no surprises there – ed.), The Cure, Jet, Queen, The Beatles and Green Day to name but a few. To begin with, I used to record myself playing along to whatever song I had learnt that day/week and upload them to Facebook. All was well and good. But there was this one recording that I was particularly pleased with, Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. So pleased with it was I that wanted to keep a copy of the video.

My Casino

My Casino complete with Kilbey-Kennedy “You Are Everything” promo sticker

After a while, it dawned on me that I actually had a Google+ account and could upload to YouTube for the world to see. So I though “what the hell?” I had nothing to lose and all to gain as far as I was concerned. So I did, and it’s been a super mediocre success to be kind. But I continued, why stop there? Since then, I have uploaded over 10 more videos, but only one has blitzed all expectations. I don’t know how given how simple it is.

Then, last night, I desperately wanted another outlet to potentially boost my number of views before remembering that I still had this blog in operation. I know I don’t have many subscribers here, and I probably have even less, if any, given the big hiatus I’ve undertaken. But to apply the same mentality here, what have I got to lose? So, for you viewing pleasure is my channel’s most watched video; Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock And Roll”.


I’m Back!

30 07 2013

I know I haven’t posted in a month, so I’m sorry. But I also noticed that I’m only 60 hits away from 2500. So given the lack of action here of late, I want to say thank you for still reading.

I’m only posting here now for a uni assessment. So this won’t be like my usual posting (but that may resume in time; so please bear with me). The class is BCM240, and it’s running for the first time this session. So once again, I’m a guinea pig.

This initial post for the subject is for me to post a picture that I can subsequently discuss in relation to media, audience and place. So here is my picture:

Taken by yours truly

Taken by yours truly

I decided to take this picture to highlight the similarities and differences between the humble newspaper and an iPod (which is my sisters, not mine)

Both are mobile; but only one needs power to operate. Both can divide opinion; one because of what it is, the other because of what is within. Both can be viewed by multiple people at one time; but only one is big enough that it doesn’t need to be passed around.

Another reason why I took this picture is because how it could be said that one may (admittedly at a stretch) be said to be an ancestor to the other. With a newspaper, you can voice your opinion (both verbally as you read and visually in print if you’re lucky enough); with internet connection, your iPod can do this. A newspaper has adverts much like your iPod. You can look up specific people on your iPod, and in the newspaper there is an ‘In Search’ section that allows others to see what you are seeking. The newspaper can even be said t be a form of entertainment. It has comics, crosswords, sudoku, quizzes etc. You may even take to and become a fan of a particular writer in a similar way you may follow someone on Twitter or YouTube.

So would it be bizarre to say that an iPod was partially modelled (and thus is an evolution of) a newspaper as much as a computer?